Living in The Present Moment (Satori) – I am That, I am


In today’s video, I talk about the power behind Satori, Living in the Now. May be you heard about it before or this is your first time. Well, I heard it before but today I don’t just know it, it’s now a part of my DNA!

I’m a spiritual person, I believe in God. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned on my journey to freedom is that the nr 1 thing you must be clear about is your spirituality. Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingdale and Marshall Sylver, just to name a few say it and I can only concur. When God tells Moses his name I am that I am, He reveals in which realm He operates.

Have you ever thought about in which tense you say your affirmations? in the present tense right?! Too many times we either live in the past or in the future, forgetting to enjoy this very moment in which we live. If we can rewire ourselves to live in the now, we will realize that we don’t need to wait to be successful, we’re already successful in this very moment.

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Live in the Now!
Estelle “Success Story” Belong-Smrtnikova

6 thoughts on “Living in The Present Moment (Satori) – I am That, I am

    • Estelle Belong Smrtnikova

      I would say Remember the good past times, plan for the future, live and enjoy fully your present!

      Be blessed!

  1. Thanks for this post. Really love seeing your video and how affirmative you are and your positivity in declaring the statements.

    A bit of personalization really helps and I love being in present but again as we are worried about finance thingy, we still have to be in the thinking mode for future.

    • Estelle Belong Smrtnikova

      I’m happy to know you could take away something from this post.
      I know it’s easy to say but not to do. I learned that worrying about anything won’t make it change. Here’s an example my mother traveled back to cameroon yesterday through paris from germany. She was meant to spend the night at a hotel and get her flight back home today at eleven. This morning when reading my emails I find out she didn’t check in! I didn’t want worry but I’d lie if I wasn’t. I try to call her but couldn’t get through. My husband comes by and asks me what’s going on. After I told what was going on, he just said: “Right now there’s nothing you can do about it so stop worrying if something is wrong, Mom will find a way to contact us. Let it go”. I realized he was right. A couple of hours ago my mother called to say she made it home, everything went well.
      I’m telling this story to tell you don’t worry about your finances surrender to it accept it for what it is. We tend to spend most of our time either in the past or the future, whereas we live in the present and miss out on many things.

      God Bless

  2. Hello Estelle, Thank you for sharing yourvery psitive thoughts on what inspires you. I know that it can be wasteful energy to have regrets about the past or worry about what is yet to come. However I believe it is also a comfort to have past precious memories. All the best. Alayna

    • Estelle Belong Smrtnikova

      Our precious memories are made of our present moments. That’s why it’s vital to live in the present in order to create precious memories and make our future worth looking forward too.
      All the Best to you Alayna

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